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What is AuditXP?

AuditXP is our audit and compliance software, employing the same software framework as BowTieXP. The tool is developed to close the “Plan-Do-Check” circle (Deming circle). After defining the barriers in your safety management system (the plan stage) and implementing them (the do stage), AuditXP is used to check and monitor the quality and effectiveness of the barriers

Questionnaires can be compiled and easy to fill-out surveys can be composed in the software to assess the actual working of barriers. By importing the filled-in surveys into the software the results can be easily visualized on the bowtie. The visualization shows which barriers score either well or poorly.

When BowTieServer is used, it is also possible to directly assign surveys to persons and have the questions answered via a user-friendly web interface with the results automatically collected.

Visualizing Audit Results

As the audits are linked to barriers on the BowTieXP diagram, the results can be visualized on the diagram. This provides the user with a quick graphic overview of the barrier status, based on the audit results. The visual representation facilitates expert judgements on overall barrier quality. It also provides up-to-date feedback on the current barrier status.


What is BowTieXP?

BowTieXP is the most used risk assessment software that is based on the bowtie method. It enables you to easily create bowtie diagrams to assess risk. BowTieXP is unique in its ability to visualize complex risks in a way that is understandable, yet also allows for detailed risk-based improvement plans.


A bowtie diagram visualizes the risk you are dealing with in one understandable picture. The diagram is shaped like a bow tie, creating a clear differentiation between the proactive and reactive side of risk management. In BowTieXP, the bowtie diagram provides you an overview of multiple plausible incident scenarios and shows what barriers you have in place to control these scenarios. BowTieXP software is developed with the end-user in mind, making it one of the most user-friendly risk assessment tools. It is easy to create a diagram in BowTieXP, but the software also enables you to maintain the diagram so it will always represent the current status of your safety barriers.

What is Incident XP

What is Incident XP
IncidentXP is our incident analysis software product which allows you to use the most popular and globally used incident analysis methods:

● DNV GL BSCAT (Barrier Based Systematic Cause Analysis Technique)
● Tripod Beta
● Barrier Failure Analysis (BFA)
● Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
● TOP-SET Root Cause Analysis

Incident Manager
In IncidentXP a user may select one or more methods to analyze an incident and after this selection the analysis can start. From here, the user may choose to build up the diagram from the treeview as normally done also in BowTieXP. Another option is to use the incident manager functionality which will guide the user through all the steps of the incident analysis. This easy to follow process ensures that a thorough investigation process is done and no steps have been forgotten. At the end of the analysis process, a standardized report can be generated. This report can be based on a company template that adheres to the company standards.
Link with BowTieXP Besides being a tool to analyze incidents, IncidentXP also allows you to use BowTieXP risk assessments to check if the investigation covered everything that was identified in the bowtie. After this has been done, the final results link back to the bowtie risk assessment to aggregate and detect trends across incidents. This allows an organization to maximize learning from incidents. It also ensures the bowties are continuously updated and improved. With this, IncidentXP allows organizations to take the next step in learning from incidents.


What is BowTieServer?
BowTieServer unites different risk disciplines in a single, central repository with bowties and related information. It combines all the powerful tools we already have, like BowTieXP, IncidentXP, and AuditXP, and unifies them across the organization. It consists of several modules, which you can choose to activate according to your company needs. It solves some of the harder problems in risk management, how to get a good understanding of your risk exposure, how to aggregate and present all the risk data in your system to the relevant people and how you can be sure that barriers are fully operational.

Centralized Risk Information
The core of BowTieServer is the information repository, which allows you to store all the information you previously had in your BowTieXP/IncidentXP/AuditXP files, into a central database. BowTieServer is fully web based which makes it device independent and accessible from any location.

With BowTieServer companies introduce a consistent approach to risk management throughout the organization. BowTieServer monitors barrier performance over time with inputs from audits, incidents and other systems that provide information on the health of barriers. BowTieServer extends this functionality to the whole organization allowing for benchmarking between business units, detection of systemic errors in the organization and identification of emerging risks.

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