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What is Incident XP

What is Incident XP
IncidentXP is our incident analysis software product which allows you to use the most popular and globally used incident analysis methods:

● DNV GL BSCAT (Barrier Based Systematic Cause Analysis Technique)
● Tripod Beta
● Barrier Failure Analysis (BFA)
● Root Cause Analysis (RCA)
● TOP-SET Root Cause Analysis

Incident Manager
In IncidentXP a user may select one or more methods to analyze an incident and after this selection the analysis can start. From here, the user may choose to build up the diagram from the treeview as normally done also in BowTieXP. Another option is to use the incident manager functionality which will guide the user through all the steps of the incident analysis. This easy to follow process ensures that a thorough investigation process is done and no steps have been forgotten. At the end of the analysis process, a standardized report can be generated. This report can be based on a company template that adheres to the company standards.
Link with BowTieXP Besides being a tool to analyze incidents, IncidentXP also allows you to use BowTieXP risk assessments to check if the investigation covered everything that was identified in the bowtie. After this has been done, the final results link back to the bowtie risk assessment to aggregate and detect trends across incidents. This allows an organization to maximize learning from incidents. It also ensures the bowties are continuously updated and improved. With this, IncidentXP allows organizations to take the next step in learning from incidents.

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