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What is AuditXP?

AuditXP is our audit and compliance software, employing the same software framework as BowTieXP. The tool is developed to close the “Plan-Do-Check” circle (Deming circle). After defining the barriers in your safety management system (the plan stage) and implementing them (the do stage), AuditXP is used to check and monitor the quality and effectiveness of the barriers

Questionnaires can be compiled and easy to fill-out surveys can be composed in the software to assess the actual working of barriers. By importing the filled-in surveys into the software the results can be easily visualized on the bowtie. The visualization shows which barriers score either well or poorly.

When BowTieServer is used, it is also possible to directly assign surveys to persons and have the questions answered via a user-friendly web interface with the results automatically collected.

Visualizing Audit Results

As the audits are linked to barriers on the BowTieXP diagram, the results can be visualized on the diagram. This provides the user with a quick graphic overview of the barrier status, based on the audit results. The visual representation facilitates expert judgements on overall barrier quality. It also provides up-to-date feedback on the current barrier status.

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