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We help companies manage risk using software, artificial intelligence, data analytics and business intelligence. We provide training and support with all the products we offer and guide our clients on the best ways available for them to truly lower their risk. All of our approaches are barrier-based since we believe that your barriers are the most important factor in controlling risk. We are partnered with Wolters Kluwer Enablon and together we offer world-class barrier-based risk management software solutions, data centralization and business intelligence to manage Enterprise Risk.

Barrier-based Data Collection

If your barriers are the only thing really necessary for you to truly lower your risk then your focus should be on collecting as much data on your barriers as possible.

Get That Data!


​Centralize your data. It does not have to be in one place but wherever it is it needs to be able to communicate with each other and interact with each other.

A Place For Everything!


Move past simply creating documents that sit in a drawer after creation. Get your data into software where AI can assist with increasing efficiency and track implementation over time. Get Software!

​Business Intelligence

Once you have collected your barrier-based data, decisions would move away from gut feeling and guessing and become highly informed based on risk data collected.

Make Smarter Decisions!


Our Services

Core Areas In Enterprise Risk Management That Big Data and Business Intelligence Can Be Va

Incident Investigation

Learning from incidents is a critical step to reducing operational risk in the long run. We provide training or actual confidential and independent investigations

Business Intelligence

Let us build powerful dashboards to assist you with making the right risk based decision based on barrier-based data collected.

Core Areas In Enterprise Risk Management That Big Data and Business Intelligence Can Be Va

Barrier Based Audits

After you plan and then you execute, you need constant feedback loops to ensure continuous improvement. We design audits of your systems to provide critical data about the health of the barriers within the systems.

Core Areas In Enterprise Risk Management That Big Data and Business Intelligence Can Be Va


Training programs can be designed to ensure specific training is delivered to all employees to improve the collective risk management consciousness of the organization.

BowTie Risk Consulting

Not all risks are created equal. Utilizing the BowTie Methodology we can offer a proprietary technique we developed to remove the subjectivity in risk reduction.

Core Areas In Enterprise Risk Management That Big Data and Business Intelligence Can Be Va
Core Areas In Enterprise Risk Management That Big Data and Business Intelligence Can Be Va
Image by Mohammad Rahmani

“The essence of risk management lies in maximizing the areas where we have some control over the outcome while minimizing the areas where we have absolutely no control over the outcome..”

Peter L. Bernstein (2012). “Against the Gods: The Remarkable Story of Risk

Products We Offer


We are value-added partners with Wolter Kluwer Enablon, the world's leading software provider for barrier-based risk management, based on the BowTie Methodology. We provide technical and logistical support to all clients interested in the BowTie line of software and are Advanced BowTie XP and Incident XP Practitioners. For more information, you can visit these links or read up on the products we offer below.





  • The most used risk assessment software, based on the bowtie method.

  • Easily create bowtie diagrams to assess risk.

  • Visualize complex risks.

  • Be as simple or complex as you wish

  • Effortlessly organize your evidence
    Choose from multiple causation methods
    Link incidents & risk assessments
    Distribute lessons learned.

  • Focus audits and inspections on barriers

  • Verify performance and integrity

  • Link back to the bowtie diagrams

  • Visualize results in the context of risks

  • Find non conformities and initiate improvement

BowTie XP Enterprise

  • Store all risk management data in one place

  • Access your data remotely

  • Live action tracking

  • Risk information at all levels

  • Monitor barrier performance